Lesson Plan : Weather Elements

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Knuth
 Grade 2

 Weather Elements
 Identify types of clouds, precipitation, temperature, wind direction and wind speed.
 The student will be able to identify the types of clouds. The student will be able to identify types of precipitation. The student will be able to identify types of storms. The student will work with a group of three students. Each student will be assigned to investigate either clouds, precipitation, or storms.
 The student will research websites to identify the types of clouds, precipitation, and storms that are present in a certain region. The student will use Microsoft Word to take notes and Microsoft PowerPoint to gather and report their group's information to the class.
 Computers, large screen in the computer lab, Internet access, and possibly other materials that may be needed to conduct a related experiment.
 Students will discuss the elements of weather that they are familar with in our climate. Students will be assigned to a group of three members. Each member will be responsible for a certain aspect of the assignment.
 Make a list of the types of storms, clouds, and precipitation that the students are familar with in a KWL chart.
 Guide students on using research tools on the Internet. Prepare a list of acceptable websites for the students to use while looking for information. Have students access websites through hyperlinks that have been presented on a document in the Public Files or similar way.
 Individual students with special needs will receive assistance from other students, the teacher, or instructional assistant. The requirements will be adapted as needed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students in each group will meet together with the teacher to discuss their findings and ask questions as needed. Three opportunities will be given for the students to meet with the teacher.
 Students will present their information to the class in the computer lab in a PowerPoint presentation about the elements of weather that their group worked on.
 Students will be graded using a reseach rubric.
Teacher Reflections:

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