Lesson Plan : Tobacco - Think Again

Teacher Name:
 Veronica Harris
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Effects of Tobacco Usage
 How the use of Tobacco effects the human body? Tobacco, smokeless tobacco, nicotine, carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke, tar, cancer, emphazema
 Decrease the number of individuals who choose to participate in tobacco use
 The learning will be able able to demonstrate their knowledge of the effects of the use of tobacco on the human body.
 Worksheets, visual aids(pictures of diseases), poster board, coloring pencils/crayons, glue, scissors, magazines, internet use
 Do you know anyone has has a habit of smoking or using tobacco? Do you know anyone who suffers from lung cancer? Do You smoke?
 Definition will be given for the various diseases that are caused by the use of tobacco. Explanations will be discussed about the effects of tobacco.
 Generated worksheet that lists diseases which the student will have to determine whether or not it is caused by the use of tobacco. The teacher will work through this assignemnt with the students. (Whole Class discussion)
 None needed for this class
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be administered a test on the effects of Tobacco use.
 The student will complete an exit ticket where he/she must write at least one paragraph explaining what they gained from the lesson on the4 effects of tobacco on the human body
 Results on the Written Test on the Effects of the Use of Tobacco on the Human body
Teacher Reflections:
 Based on the results of the test, if the majority of the students earn 85% or better, then the class will move on to the next lesson. In the event that a substantial amount of students do not perform well, the teacher will re-teach and re-test.

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