Lesson Plan : Tobacco and Your Body

Teacher Name:
 Leslie Dawson
 Grade 7-8

 Tobacco: What Tobacco Does to Your Body
 Key Terms: 1. Nicotine: an addictive drug found in tobacco. 2. Tar: thick, dark liquid that forms when tobacco burns. 3. Carbon Dioxide: colorless, odorless, poisonous gas produced when tobacco burns.
 1. Understand the harmful substances found in tobacco products. 2. Name several forms of tobacco. 3. List the harmful effects tobacco has on the various body systems. 4. Analyze the high cost of tobacco use.
 Educational Standards Ohio: (1.1), (1.3), (1.8) 1.1 Explain the relationship between positive health behaviors and the prevention of injury, illness, disease and premature death. 1.3 Explain how health is influenced by the interaction of body systems. 1.8 Describe how lifestyle, pathogens, family history, and other risk factors are related to the cause or prevention of disease and other health problems.
 *Bell Ringer: Have students list reasons you have heard people give for smoking or chewing tobacco. **Key Terms: Have students write the Key Terms from the board onto their papers and look up definitions from the glossary found in the back of their textbooks.
 *Share: Have students share their responses for the bell ringer. ** Students will read Chapter 10 Tobacco Lesson 1 from pages 272-275 outloud with the teachers' guidance. There will be a short discussion on each section read. ***Write a list of substances found in tobacco smoke and their definitions on the board. Ask students if they are familiar with the term and what it is used for. Explain that these few substances are also found in tobacco smoke and harmful. 1. Formaldehyde: an acidic gas used in laboratory disinfectants and preserving the dead. 2. Cyanide: a deadly poison. 3. Methanol: a poisonous liquid alcohol. ****Forms of Tobacco: -Cigarettes -Smokeless Tobacco -Pipes and Cigars
 *Hand out What Tobacco Does to the Body Chart/Worksheet. As the lesson is being read by the class, each student will review the effects of Tobacco use on each of the body systems. Answers will be discussed and the chart will be filled in by each student.
Checking For Understanding:
 *Review: Key Terms definitions with students.
 *Collect: In class assignment of Reviewing Terms and Facts questions/answers 2-5 from page 275.
Teacher Reflections:

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