Lesson Plan : Fitness Day

Teacher Name:
 Miss Herring
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Fitness Day
 Team building
 Students will be able to cooperate as a team to accomplish the following tasks.
 Students will get a long with their classmates and communicate their ideas in a healthy manner. Students will participate in all three activities to the best of their ability.
 Track Tug of rope 2 cones
 Today the main focus is team building.No matter what you do in life you will have to interact with other people.It is important that you learn to communicate your ideas in a healthy and effective manner.
 Students will be divided into three groups. One at each station. 1.The group in tug of war will be split into two groups. The students can line up in their groups how ever they want. Everyone must keep two hands on the rope. When the whistle is blown each team will try to pull the other team towards them. When the flag crosses the cone the team it is closest to wins. The cones will be spread farther apart for each match. The team to get three wins out of five will win. 2.The second group will be doing Indian runs. The group will be split evenly into smaller groups. The smaller groups will line up behind one another, and begin to run around the track counting to ten. When the team reaches ten the last person in the group will run to the front of the line and set the pace. This pattern will continue. They must run twice around the track. 3.The third group will be lined up single file on one of the track lines. They will spread their feet shoulder width apart. Each persons feet should be touching the person on both sides of them besides the two end people. The object is for the entire line to move to a designated line without breaking their feet from the people beside them. One break moves the entire line back. They can hop, scoot, slide, or step, or another way they can come up with as long as the feet stay together.
 One accommodation that can be made for the team building activity is to try it first without talking to see if the team can use non verbal cues to get the task accomplished. The tug of war can divide teams up differently after one set is completed. The Indian run could be timed to ensure that all groups are running at a normal pace and not walking.
Checking For Understanding:
 After the students achieve the task of the team building task ask them why they didn't think it was working prior to accomplishing the task. Ask them how they could have communicated their ideas more effectively to their teammates.
Teacher Reflections:

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