Lesson Plan : Communication

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Carol Bracken
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Building a Structure With Legos: Oral Communication and Process Analysis
 Listening comprehension/Cooperative Group Activity Active Listening, Communication, Process Analysis
 Students will become aware of the pitfalls of communicating both orally and in written expression. They will become aware of the importance of transitional expression, specific details, order and clarity when trying to communicate. Also, realizing the importance of audience--how this influences the language used. Use as an intro to writing a process analysis.
 Students will be able to improve on their skills as the lesson progresses. The better their partner does constructing the legos according to the instructions given, the better job the partner is doing giving the directions.
 baggies of lego pieces---each team must have identical pieces in their bags.
 Discuss with the students the overall idea of the activity and that it should take 45 minutes. Explain it is a cooperative group activity and they must listen carefully to my instructions.
 The Procedure: 1. Give each team materials 2. Position themselves so they cannot see each other's work space---back to back works well. 3. One member builds a structure from his pieces. 4. He the gives the partner oral instructions on how to duplicate his structure. 5. Neither may look at each other's work until the end of the exercise. 6. The person building cannot ask questions---just must follow directions. 7. Compare structures and then switch roles. 8. Do the activity at least twice.
 The teacher will model the activity for the students before they begin. As students get into position and begin the teacher will walk around and monitor the students that they are following the instructions. Assist where needed.
 Due to the class being comprised of SLD students the teacher may have to go over the instructions and assist more.
Checking For Understanding:
 Asking out loud if everyone understands and check for affirmation by hands raised.
 Give a 10 minute time warning that we will be wrapping it up. We will end 10 minutes before the bell rings so as a class we can discuss what they experienced.
 Discuss as a class the feelings and thoughts they had during the activity. How well the structures are duplicated will give insight into the ability of the students to communicate effectively. Discuss the problems that came up and how to solve them.Apply the discussion to writing a process analysis---what points are important to remember? (Do this the next day).
Teacher Reflections:
 Do on the day of the activity: Jot notes of any problems I saw that came up with students. Note whose structures were duplicated the best etc. and note their names. Note how well I thought they followed directions and worked together.

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