Lesson Plan : Health, Your Best Aspect

Teacher Name:
 Jessica MacDonald
 Grade 11-12
 PE and Health

 Eat right and Exercise
 Educating students on how to treat their mind and bodies to the best of their ability.
 Inform the students of how to keep theirselves in the best of shape and get them involved in wanting to do so. Educate them on different ways and styles of exercise and proper amounts and foods they could consume. Also let them know that as long as they are happy with their bodies and their minds, then they are doing something right.
 Students will be able to complete a long term goal sheet for the school year and stick with it with a completion of 80% accuracy.
 Internet and paper
 Begin showing the class a power point made by myself on unhealthy living habits and information I have gathered from various sites and books.
 Have a sheet to hand to each student that is an outline that helps them guide themselves to long term health habits that they can decide what they want to do and how they are going to do it that will continue for the school year.
 The students will search the internet for ideas and more information they can gather from other sites on how they are going to manage their goal sheets.
 Each student should have a journal which they can account for what they have done each day and should have more than one specific people who are around them a lot who can help them achieve their goals.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each week have a discussion about new health habits and if they are any new ideas that people have come up with or found themselves. Also discuss on how they feel and what they think of their goal and where they are going with it.
 At the end of the year have some sort of prizes (use your imagination) for everyone, but the ones who completed their goal for the entire year have a different surprise for them.
 Each week talk with each student on where they are on their goal plan and see discuss with them if their goals are realistic or ways to accomodate for them to achieve their goals.
Teacher Reflections:
 Show the students their journal and then your own sheet on the end of the week discussions and what you have gathered from them.

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