Lesson Plan : Rhythm Board Race

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 Grade 6

 review of note values for whole, half, quarter review of rest values for whole, half, quarter
 whole note half note quarter note whole rest half rest quarter rest
 to reinforce recognition of whole, half, quarter notes to reinforec recognition of whole, half, quarter rests Music is a team effort and this game will help reinforce team unity
 the objective is to be able to rapidly recognize and properly apply these to their instruments while playing
 paper, pencils, review of notes and rests on the board for reference flash cards with predetermined rhythm patterns- place answer on the back of the card
 I know how much everyone enjoys a good review :-) today we are going to review with a game the winning team will receive a suprise at the end of class
 have everyone take out a piece of paper and a pencile (if someone doesn't have one of these, aske another student to help them out by sharing with them) split them into two teams move chairs in proper position- 2 rows facing each other
 the first person in the row of chairs will go first. They will go to the board and write the rhythm pattern and then return to the seat at the end of the row (as the first student gets up the row will move one chair forward. The first person from the other team will go to the board and add the values together they will then return to the end of the row. this process will be repeated untill the game is over.If a child is stumped, they may have the next person in line for their team come up and help them. The team that gets the answer first gets the points. 2 points for correct addition of points 2 points for correct note recognition 2 points for correct rest recognition
 The teacher will keep score unless there is an odd person, the odd man out can help the teacher keep score if it fits with the rhythm of the class.
Checking For Understanding:
 return chairs to proper position, quick review of note and rest values announce first team and give reward announce second team and give reward no one looses in this game. everyone is a winner!
Teacher Reflections:

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