Lesson Plan : Strings Family

Teacher Name:
 Miss Wooldridge
 Grade 4

 Strings Family - Instruments of the Orchestra
 Strings, Bow, Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Strumming, Plucking, Pizzicato, Orchestra, Instruments, Conductor
 Have the students learn the names of each string instrument, what they look and sound like, and how they are played.
 Make sure every student finishes each worksheet- Has the correct answers. Check answers when finished.
 String video. String Word Scramble worksheet, String worksheets, Orchestra scramble worksheet. pencils.
 Tell children that they will be learning about the string instruments today. They will watch the string video quietly sitting on their squares with their hands and feet to themselves. Show video!
 After the video is finished explain how to do each worksheet. Do the first question with the students before they begin, and make sure their names are on all of their work.
 Have them complete their worksheets, and raise their hands if they still have any questions. Monitor their behavior!
 Books may be used to bear down upon. For to do their work they may spread out, but do not go on the stage or near any walls! Pencils should be on my desk in the black container!
Checking For Understanding:
 Once they are finished with their work, and you have time left, go over the answers with the whole class! Answer keys are inside the folder!
 Ask them what string instrument is the highest sounding in the orchestra? VIOLIN is the answer. (Line them up -quietly!) However, If you still have time left over then do the "Ensemble game" with them: When you call out Chamber group - it's a full circle (the whole class) holding hands, (they talk -they're out!) Solo- one person, Duet- two people holding hands, Trio- three people, Quartet- four people, Quintet-5, Sextet-6, Septet-7, Octet-8, *give them three seconds to get there! If they don't have the right number, or they aren't holding hands- it's process of elimination- They are OUT! The End! Thanks for coming today!
 How did the class do today? Were there any students who were particularly bad?
Teacher Reflections:
 Hope you had a good day! Thanks for coming, and helping me out! Musically yours Gina Wooldridge

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