Lesson Plan : Haunted house

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 Grade 3

 exploring sound colours
 Haunted house. Scary sounds. Vocabulary thats sounds scarey e.g. sinister, dim, dark etc. Make scary sounds with our voices.
 To be able to determine what we feel makes a song sound scary To pick out the scary words in the song To be able to accompany the music with our own scary sounds
 In pairs to come up with their own scary sound
 cd player, Smartboard, Horror hotel song
 Listen to the music HORROR HOTEL try and listen for the rhythm in the song. Words on smartboard children try to sing along with the cd trying to keep the correct beat.
 Discuss what words in the song make the song sound spooky, what other words could we use?
 In pairs try and come up with your own spooky sound to accompany the music, this could link in with a word in the song e.g. what a laugh, children make a scary laugh.Ask children why they feel that sound is good.
 Differentiation by outcome
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment throughout, feedback to pairs on their efforts and also the vocabulary used during introduction.
 Listen to childrens spooky sounds, discuss what makes them good and where they would fit into the song. Write on the smartboard where each pair will make their sound, play throught the music, sing along and add in sounds. Discuss what difference adding the sounds in made, did it create a better atmosphere, did you feel like you was there? what made you feel scared?
 the vocabulary used during the introducation, the descriptions used. Different sounds created and why they made that sound.
Teacher Reflections:

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