Lesson Plan : "Wizards in Winter"

Teacher Name:
 Miss. Jenna Vanderham
 Grade 6

 Practicing Listening and Consistency with Percussion Instruments
 My goal is to teach the students to listen and keep a beat no matter what another player may be playing. We will ultimately separate into small groups and play separate percussion parts for a performance for another class.
 After listening to "Wizards in Winter", students will be able to pick up on different rhythms in the song and consistently keep that's rhythm going till the end. When performing in front of another class, students will
 1) CD Player with "Wizards in Winter" by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. 2) jingle bells, drums, keyboards, (any percussion instruments) 3) Written rhythms and instrument choices on board
 Prior Knowledge: Students will already have singing/reading/performing knowledge and know note values through 16th notes.
 Activities: 1) The students will walk into class while "Wizards in Winter", by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, will be playing. (I will be clapping a steady rhythm during the song as the students are entering the classroom.) 2) Ask students to sit down in a circle on the floor. 3) Ask students to clap the rhythm I am clapping with the song. (ex 1.) 4) Explain that I am clapping the down beat and there are 4 beats in each measure. The down beat is always beat 1 out of the 4 beats in each measure. 5) Hand our various percussion instruments: jingle bells, triangle, drums, and (those who do not receive an instrument will be clapping/snapping) 6) Play the song again but before, explain that each instrument section will have to sit together and pick out a rhythm from the board to play throughout the whole song without stopping. 7) I will ask the students to break into their groups and work on their rhythm. I will walk around the classroom and make sure each group is understanding the instructions. 8) Ask the students if they have any questions. 9) I will set a beat and we will practice each sections rhythm at a slow tempo. 10) Ask students, "Why aren't we playing our rhythms up to tempo?" They will say so we can practice and I'll explain that it's best to practice slowly and work up to a faster tempo. 11) After practicing our rhythms together we will play our percussion instruments with the song. 12) Students will be able to switch percussion instrument and rhythm. 13) We will talk about how it is really important to listen for the other sections. 14) Each run through, sections will be asked to listen for a different instrument while they are playing theirs as well. 15) Prepare for a performance in front of another class.
 I will have to make sure everyone is able to sit on the floor and the seating area is large enough for them to play their percussion instruments. There should be no back rows in our circle. :)
Checking For Understanding:
 National Standards Addressed: 1,2,5,6
 Before the performance I will have each instrument section perform for their class to make sure they each have their sections beat learned. During the performance I will be watching to make sure each student is keeping up and keeping a steady beat the whole song and if a student gets lost, they are able to jump right back in.
Teacher Reflections:
 This will be fun!

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