Lesson Plan : Women of the Blues

Teacher Name:
 Tamara Grigsby
 Grade 11-12

 Women of the Blues
 How the music of Blues woman reflected history and helped to change it.
 1. To understand the lives of African Americans after reconstruction. 2. To have a understanding of how their lives are reflected in the music of the blues. 3. To understand how the music may have been an instrument for change.
 1.Students will learn about the time period after reconstruction for African Americans 2.Students will understand the equal importance of the common voice in addition to the intellectual voices of the day. 2.Students will recognize important themes in the music and how they could have affect change. 3. Students will think about how they can use art to affect change. They will create a piece of art work that reflects something they would like to change in the world.
 Background info on African Americans after reconstruction, Information on two schools of thought from the Harlem Renaissance and the Women of the Blues, Songs with themes that reflect what was happening during that time period.
 Pre-activity - Students pretend they are a newly freed slave. We will discuss what things would be important to them now that they are free. Are there problems over because they have been given their freedom? Think of how art affect change. Do some research and be prepared with examples.
 1. An introduction about the end of reconstruction and what life was like for African Americans. 2. Presentation of two different expressions of African Americans - high art and the blues. 3. Presentation of Women of the Blues music 4. Dicussion of themes as possible change agents
 1. Before each song, students will listen for a theme in the music and tell how if reflects African Americans current situation and/or if an agent for change. A discussion of naming before the songs are presented.
 Handouts for students needing more guidance for post activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 By asking students to give feedback about the themes and how music affects change.
 Review of post activity and where to submit art work.
Teacher Reflections:

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