Lesson Plan : Blend

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 Grade 9-10

 Independent blending between different sections.
 Blending, dynamic, tone quality, articulation, tempo, and expression
 1.) students will listen to other sections of the band. 2.)They will consider the tone quality, dynamic, and tempo of other sections. 3.)As a class they will compare and contrast sections of the band ad determine if they are blending.
 Students will adjust their tempo, dynamic level, tone quality, and expression to match other members of the ensemble. They will become independent in this skill over time and become less dependent on the teacher's instruction. Standard 1 expression of music, performance pathways, evidence outcome b
 Band, score, additional copies of parts
 Students will be shown an example of a professional band and they will experience a guided listening. The teacher will ask them to listen for the uniformity in their tempo, dynamic level, tone quality, and expression. The teacher is introducing them to a blended sound of a band.
 1.)Each section will be asked to play a section of a pep band piece. As a class a list will be compiled for each section describing their tempo, dynamic level, tone quality, and expression. With the teacher students will pick their favorite section. Students will aim to match their sound to the chosen section.
 With each piece the teacher will ask a section of the band to model the type of playing the teacher wants for the piece. The band will begin to play trying to match the sound of the model section. The teacher will stop and discuss the blend of the piece and if the band thought that they succeed in blending. If the band is blending continuously the teacher may move on to another piece and repeat the process.
 If a section is small and doesn't have enough support to match the dynamic level of a larger group. If there are beginning players who are still struggling with tone quality
Checking For Understanding:
 Understanding can be checked by listening to the band and seeing if they are blending. The teacher can give and example of a new dynamic level and ask the band to blend and play in that dynamic. The teacher can listen to individual students on their assigned example to make sure that they understand.
 Students will always use this tool. They will be able to accomplish a blended sound without a reminder from the teacher
 If students can transfer the concept of blend to different pieces without being reminded
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