Lesson Plan : Learning Basic Rhythms

Teacher Name:
 Kevin Sayers
 Grade 2

 Types of Notes
 NETS-S covered in the lesson are (1)Communication and Colaboration and(2)Creativity and Innovation.
 This assignment is intended for 3rd graders, and aims to teach the students the values of different notes, and their function within the measures.
 paper, pencil, music writing software(sibelius)
 This lesson will help students understand different note values, and realize their place within a measure, and ultimately a rhythmic phrase. By the end of the lesson, students should be able to use their knowledge to create their own four measure rhythmic phrase.
 I will start by explaining what notes are, and show their value in relation to other notes. This will be presented in a manner that the students will be able to clearly map out different notes values on their own.
 I will write a few notes on the board, then ask the students to write the equivalent of that note using other notes.
 After the students complete the group work, I will ask one student from each group to write their rhythmic phrase on the board. As a class, we will then clap the rhythms in unison.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will then be required to create three rhythmic examples for homework.
 This lesson will proposedly help students understand the values of basic rhythms, and how to apply them to a real musical setting.
 1. Answering questions on overhead 2. Group work 3. Homework
Teacher Reflections:
 After everything is graded, I will evaluate the success of the lesson.

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