Lesson Plan : Proper Breathing

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Nelson
 Grade 6

 Proper breathing while playing a wind instrument
 By the end of the lesson, students should understand how to breathe properly and know what constitutes a good breathe.
 1. Review proper posture and its connection to good breathing. 2. Practice breathing with balloons. 3. Practice breathing while playing instruments.
 Instrument, method book, balloons
 Ask students what they believe creates the sound on their instrument. Discussion. At the end of discussion students should realize air is the most important factor in playing a wind instrument well. 10 mins
 Demonstrate good posture and proper breathing. I will describe out loud as I model and good breathe and exhale into a balloon. I will breathe in for 2 counts and exhale 8 count into the balloon. I will also do variations by shorting both number, but stilling trying to fill up the balloon fully. 10mins
 1.I will then guide the students on the exercises with the balloons while I watch and correct them. 10 mins 2. Put balloons away and pick up instruments. Using "First Chorale" from their method book, we will work on 4 measure phrases and full breathes using the balloon as a reference point. For contrast and fun, will have the students play the chorale using "bad" posture and "bad" breathing and we will compare the sound. 10 mins
Checking For Understanding:
 Formative assessment:Visual checks of students breathing and playing and the sound of the group...is it improving?
 Students will be evaluated on their breathing as part of their playing tests. The technique and tone quality categories are directly related to breathing.
Teacher Reflections:

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