Lesson Plan : Basic Musical Terms

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Stilwell
 Grade 9-10

 Musical Terms
 Accelerando, Adagio, Andante, Allegro, Crescendo, Da capo, Decrescendo, Diminuendo, Fermata, Flat, Forte, Fortissimo, Fortepiano, Interval, Largo, Legato, Major Mano destra, Mano sinistra, Messa di voce, Mezzo forte, Mezzo piano, Minor, Molto, Octave, Piano, Pianissimo, Presto, Ritardando, Rubato,Sharp, Staccato, Tie, Vivace.
 To learn basic musical terms, and confidently use these terms in relation to the music, along with the ability to retain and utilize the these terms appropriately.
 To encourage studence to learn the appropriate terms that appear in the music they will be studying. Along with memorizing these terms the studences must also be able to apply the effect of the term.
 One's brain, a writing utensil, and paper.
 These terms form a base musical language like any other language except this one is comprised of italian, french, german, and latin words. They are necessary to be able play music, and if you can have these terms under your fingers you are able to utilize the most musical layer of any piece of music.
 Teach each word in relation to its musical use. (have a recording or a live instrument to show the effect of each word) Example: Read "The Voice Teacher" to prompt their brains and set up the lesson.
 Have each student compose a short story about anything or any one (providing it is class room appropriate) that is a page long double spaced. In their story's they must find as many places to use the appropriate musical word instead of an ordinary word meaning the same thing. Feel free to let the story become somewhat ridiculous all in the name of fun and musical terms! This may become a take home activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 The next day collect their finished stories and begin to read them aloud, every time you come across a musical word have the class yell out the definition then continue. Read all of the stories like this and by then end the terms should be ingrained into them.
 Now that you have the knowledge of these musical terms you can apply them in all of the music you play from now on. The next time you see one of these terms make sure you play accordingly and your musicality will be noticed.
Teacher Reflections:

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