Lesson Plan : Instruments 101

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 Grade 6

 The choosing and distribution of Band Instruments
 Place all the instruments that are able to be picked on the board and place lines signifying that it is a slot for a students name. Organize what you need from the class, you cannot have 30 trumpet players.
 Give the students a choice in what instrument they want to learn but make them understand only a certain amount of people may play each instrument. Based on your needs as a Music Program and a class for the music you are playing. Have a certain amount of space for each instrument.
 Get the kids excited about learning an instrument. Hype up EVERY instrument because they are all important.
 Assortment of Band Instruments and a way to sign people up.
 Explain that in todays class they will be picking the instruments that they will be learning for the school period.
 Have one of every instrument that you are handing out by your side and go through all of them, explaining what thier importance is, the name and demonstrate with a tune (if applicable)
 Start with your first instrument and ask who wants to play it, if there are more then the allotted amount of people who want to play that instrument, draw names from a hat or pump up a different instrument. Repeat for all the other instruments.
 If after a while a student is not progressing on thier instrument it may be a good idea to switch them to an easier or more suitable instrument.
Checking For Understanding:
 Get an understanding from the class on the satisfaction of receiving an instrument and test the excitement levels, because a excited group is a motivated group.
 Teach them that practice is the only way to improve and give them a mantra like "Better then yesterday, Not as good as it will be tomorrow"
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