Lesson Plan : Rhythm and Beat Pattern

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 Grade 6

 Learning the Basic Idea of Rhythm and beat patterns
 Material taught in this lesson will include strong beat and off beat rhythms, counting out loud and how different note values all fit into the Time Signature.
 Students will leave the lesson feeling confident with a better understand on how all prior lessons come together and the confidence and knowledge on how to play as a group.
 Objective of today's lesson is to instill the confidence to the children to play as a whole. The lesson reinstates skills that they already had and give them a name, allowing the child to put a label on a skill they have.
 Chalkboard, Grandstaff, Worksheet on Rhythms.
 Reviewing skills learned in prior lessons so that a better understanding may be had in today's lesson. Introduce to the that a series of notes following the time signature is a rhythm.
  Give definition of Rhythm: Rhythm: the pattern of regular or irregular pulses caused in music by the occurrence of strong and weak melodic and harmonic beats. Proceed to draw an example of a basic rhythm on the chalkboard and demonstrate the real world applications.
 Give the students a handout with basic rhythms on it and help them through the examples and clap along with the students and if some struggling is noticed then the example will be repeated.
 If it is noticeable that the majority of students are not understanding what is being taught then a method visual and verbal walkthroughs can be given until more independent.
Checking For Understanding:
 When the assignments are handed back you can have a justified view on how the lesson went that day. Who needs more help and if the class is ready to move on. Also on a daily basis ask the children what they think of rhythm and what they do to understand it.
 Reassure the class that they are progressing and make sure to answer any questions they have and MAKE THEM ask questions so that they may better understand. Give time after class to receive questions because some may be shy. Review all that was learned for that lesson and pump up practice.
Teacher Reflections:

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