Lesson Plan : Jazz Improv

Teacher Name:
 L Harvey
 Grade 9-10

 Jazz improvisation.
 Improvisation. I, IV, V, Chord changes, and Intonation. Blues Scales in Bb
 Students will have an understanding of the Bb blues and have basic knowledge of improvising on their instrument with in a small ensemble.
 Students will be able to play an improvised solos by reading and understanding chord changes I, IV, and V. Student will utilize the Blues scales while improvising.
 Instruments, tuner, Blues scale sheet, CD player, and blank sheet music
 Students will enter classroom while Jazz Music is being played. They will continue to actively enjoy and listen to the music.
 Students will use blank sheet music paper to write down chord changes in the 12 bar blues. At each chord change the students will write out the entire blues scale for that key. The director will play the blues scales for each change in the 12 bar blues. Then the director will play a jazz solo based on those scales
 Students will then write out their own jazz solo. The director will make suggestions.
 Students will be given extra time. some students will receive a sheet already showing the key changes as well as the scales.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will play the Bb blues scale as a class and then each student will be given a opportunity to solo over the bass line. Feedback will be given for notes that the students may want to change.
 We will end the class by applying the feedback and taking another turn at improvising with the bass line. we will also listen to another example as the students exit
 The director will take their written out improve solo and make more suggestions. Over time students will be whined off the the solo sheet and will be able to hear it aurally.
Teacher Reflections:

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