Lesson Plan : Sounds of music

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth McClelland

 Learning the sounds of instruments
 Children will choose different instruments of their choice and some children may have the same instrument. Then children will sit in a circle on the floor and the children with same instruments will sit together(or different places teacher prefference) when shown a picture the children will shake, beat, or strum instrument. the teacher can show some pictures at the same time or one at a time to help chil;dren make a little band or musical sound.
 #1 goal- to help children learn different sounds of instruments #2 goal- to help children think of what may be their favorite instrument #3 goal- to help children learn how to work together while making beautiful music
 #1-to help children be able to describe instruments and their sounds #2- to help children to be able to identify sounds of instruments
 Space for children to use instruments musical instruments and pictures of each such as: drums, tamberines, marachas, child size guitars, child size harps, and any other instrument teacher has available
 Teacher will encourage children in fun time and something rewarding for them to do
 teacher and assistant will model what to do with pictures and instruments
 students will practice a few time to get the hang of the activity and teacher will then show students how to recall what they have learned about following directions
 children that may need help or have special needs should be encourage to choose instrument they can easily shake or beat or strum
Checking For Understanding:
 can children judge and select the sounds they hear or do they like or enjoy the sounds
 in closing every child plays their instrument at the same time for about a minute to end the activiy
 as activity went on children enjoyed playing more and more enjoying the sounds of their instrument and their classmates 1.activity took about 30-45 minutes 2.materials where donated to classroom for independent play 3.to get children involved took about 10 minutes 4. children learned about sounds of instruments and names of new instruments and also shapes
Teacher Reflections:
 I enjoyed working with children doing this activity because it was a fun way to get the children to work together and make beautiful music while learning there instruments sound and names Divergent questions: 1.What was your favorite instrument(s)? 2. What did you like most about your instrument?

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