Lesson Plan : Rhythmic Notation

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8

 Beat Quarter note and rest Half note and rest Whole note and rest Eighth note and rest 16th notes Time Signature Measure Barline
 Interpret basic music notation and generate new from given information.
 TLW comprehend rhythmic terminology by defining rhythmic terms. TLW apply rhythmic terms by clapping/moving to the duration of each symbol. TLW analyze rhythm by decoding the notes in a given selection. TLW synthesize rhythmic information by creating and performing new rhythms using learned notation.
 Rhythmic terms and symbols(power point) Non-pitched percussion instruments Drumming CD
 Play African Drumming CD excerpt
 Teacher will select basic rhythmic combinations and give a kinesthic movement application to represent rhythmis introduced. Students will model. Students will take music notation vocabulary notes using power point presentation.
 Teacher will give variations on rhythms introduced. Students will interpret using kinesthic movement demonstration.
 Students will work in groups with others. Teacher will be able to give individual assistance and practice
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will present interpretation of the rhythm for the class. Class will evaluate the accuracy of the demonstrated rhythm. Teacher will model correct interpretation. Rehearsed patterns will be translated to non-pitched percussion instruments. Each group will play its pattern individually. All students will play an instrument. Teacher will observe and evaluate accuracy of each individual.
 Students will combine the individual group presentations to create a class rhythmic presentation.
 Students will show progress when they recognize and interpret symbols in other formats, i.e. choral literature. At the end of the first lesson, they will be able to interpret basic rhythms.
Teacher Reflections:

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