Lesson Plan : D string notes

Teacher Name:
 Sharon Reeves
 Grade 6

 Understanding the notes on the D string in relationship to the violin,viola and cello
 Musical Alphabet D string open string fingered notes
 TLW understand that each time a finger is placed in diatonic manner the pitch is raised on the instrument and the note name changes to one alphabet name higher.
 TLW use 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers in a diatonic manner to raise the pitch of the D string and learn the corresponding note name for that pitch.
 instruments note chart music alphabet
 review the muscial alphabet and show student how each finger raises the pitch on the string one note.
 The teacher will first demonstrate on the violin the notes with the proper fingers and then have the students model that pattern on their own instrument explaining how pitch changes by shorteneing or lengthening the string with the palacement of fingers
  The teacher will play each note and have the student repeat that fingered note 4 times saying the note name. for each of the fingered notes on the D string. Then TLW play each fingered note in succession saying or singing the note names as they play.
  You may have to not only do this aurally but many students need to see it written on the board or personal fingering chart as well as have the teacher say or sing the note names so that it is reinforced visually and aurally.
Checking For Understanding:
 You can either go around the room or select at random students to demonstrate their understanding of D string notes and fingerings.
 Give student rote song sheet with little easy songs like "Mary had a little Lamb", "Hot cross Buns" or "Pierot the Clown" and tell them to practice using their fingered notes on the d String to play these songs. Tell them they will need to pick a song to play for you and the class nest lesson time.
 When the child plays the song using the fingered D string notes the next class period it will give you an accurate measure of whether or not this material has been mastered.
Teacher Reflections:
 You would need to reflect on the amount of time spent presenting the material. If students grasped it quickly and easily. Could there be a simpler way of presenting the material?

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