Lesson Plan : Starlight Waltz

Teacher Name:
 Grade 6

 To perform Starlight Waltz using correct notes,rhythm, bowing and phrasing
 Comprehension of 3/4 time, Reinforcement of note reading and rhythm skills, Introduction of ties and slurs, Differentiation between ties and slurs
 Comprehension of ties and slurs, Mastery of 3/4 time, Identification of note reading, Comprehension of note values.
 The learner will demonstrate understanding of note reading skills, slurs, ties and rhythmic values through the rehearsal and performance of Starlight Waltz
 Instruments, bows, Slurring exercise handout, Solo Time for Strings Book 1
 Preparation for performance through slurring exercises, use of Daily Drill #1 and #2, Reading note names, clapping rhythm patterns, demonstration of ties and slurs
 Practice all slurring patterns presented on handout. Teacher will model rhythm by clapping and having students repeat pattern. Teacher will demonstrate on instrument proper slurring and tie patterns and technique necessary for composition performance.
 Rehearse sections of piece for slurring, rhythm, correct bowing, correct notes. Teacher will listen as students perform above skills and make corrections as necessary.
 Teacher will go to student and guide arm to show proper slurring technique while chunking each individual section.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will choose students at random to demonstrate understanding of sections throughout the composition. Students will be tested on individual basis at end of week.
 Teacher will review concepts of 3/4 time, slurring, ties, note reading, and rhythmic skills and ask for student input or questions at that time
 Playing test for each student at end of week
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher will reflect upon each student's comprehension of techniques presented throughout the week by evaluating each individual performance on test at end of unit.

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