Lesson Plan : Multiplication Facts in 7 Days

Teacher Name:
 Tabitha Owens
 Grade 3

 Students will master their multiplication facts using the research based program "Multiplication Facts in Seven Days".
 Vocabulary: factor, product, squares, communatitive property, associative property, and identity property
 Students will be able to complete a 5 minute timed test over basic multiplication facts at the end of the seven days with an 80% or higher.
 M3N3=students will further develop their understanding of multiplication of whole numbers and develop the ability to apply it in problem solving. M3P3=Students will communicate mathematically. M3P5=Students will represent math in multipple ways.
 Smartboard, Elmo, Projector, Computer, Book:"Multiplication Facts in Seven Days." Pencil, Paper
 Each of the 22 students in Mrs. Owens' class did 8 math problems last night for homework. Each of the 22 students in Mrs. Donovan's class did 7 math problems last night for homework. How many math problems did they do altogether?
 Multiplication is repeated addition. Multiplication uses only equal groups. Multiplication is the opposite of division. Multiplication uses skip counting to solve problems. Multiplication number sentences have at least 2 factors which creates a product.
 Day 1: Students will complete a blank multiplication table and discuss how the three principals of multiplication help us black out certain facts. Students will black out those facts on their chart. Day 2: Students will learn the squares and color them red on their chart. Day 3: Students will learn the twos and color them orange on their chart. Day 4: Studens will learn the fives and color them yellow on their chart. Day 5: Students will learn the threes and color them green on their chart. Day 6: Students will learn the fours and color them blue on their chart. Day 7: Students will learn the sixes, sevens, and eights and color them purple on their chart.
 Students will be allowed to use their multiplication chart to solve their problems. Accomidations will be made according to 504 plans for extended time or shortened length of the assignment.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each day students will get feedback according to their lesson papers and will add it to their progress charts.
 Students will skip count by the fact that they are studying that day.
 Students will take the assessment one test and continue to take the test each week until a mastery level is reached.
Teacher Reflections:

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