Lesson Plan : Introduction to colour piano

Teacher Name:
 Grade 1

 Learning the piano using a colour method technique
 Introducing colour to notes of the piano Learning numbers for each finger
 Introduction to the instrument itself The student will be able to name the colour for each note The student will be able to name each note of the C major scale
 Begin with small rhyme to remember for the white notes of the piano Introduce colours for each of the notes, also using an easy to remember rhyme
 2 pianos/keyboards Removable coloured stickers to put on keys Computer with internet access Colouring-in worksheets e.g template of a C octave on piano Magnetic notes
 Introduce student to the piano Inform student of what they will be learning for the lesson
 Introduce rhyme for the order of the notes Introduce song for the order of the colours Demonstrate C major scale for the student to observe Name each note and colour of C major scale
 Get student to place coloured stickers on their corresponding notes Get student to sing/speak colour song and play each note with one finger as they sing it Get student to say each note in order of the C major scale
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask student if they have any questions or don't understand what is required of them Encourage student with positive feed back
 Go over the colours and notes again in a fun quiz/game style Show student an interesting music gadget/clip on the net Give student activity sheets to take home
Teacher Reflections:

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