Lesson Plan : Learning to read music through the Grand Staff

Teacher Name:
 SRA Staff
 Grade 6

 Learning to read music through the Grand Staff, Chords, and combining the two by ear.
 Understanding basic music theory and vocabulary. Learning to translate sheet music on paper to the instrument of choice and music composition.
 Giving the students at SRA the ability to read music and tune their ear to play any desired piece of music. Learning the similarities between types of sheet music as to how it relates to different instruments. Recognizing all of the Major, Minor and 7th scales and how to play them.
 The students can put on a recital once a month for the other students to showcase what they've learned. They can learn holiday appropriate music to share with the community (Christmas carols), and can play and sing for special events; such as The Rose Ceremony and Graduation.
 The instruments currently in the Medina Lounge. Pencils and paper.
 Reading the Grand Scale, Treble Cleft, and Bass Clef. Recognizing and playing all the scales and triad chords.
 Students will learn and improve their skills though Basic Theory, Rhythm, pre-approved music selections, games and practice.
 Music Club will take place during normal Clubs. The allotted time frame will be broken down between Theory and practice and fun learning games.
 The Theory portion of the Music Club will be taken from Ricci Adams' Music theory.net and therefore can be followed by any staff member. Those students who have more experience than others are encouraged to assist their peers and could even tutor if a staff member who doesn't play music is not available to run the Music Club for that day.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each student is only going to get out of the Music Club what they put into it. I would encourage each student to take full advantage of the opportunity to learn, practice and participate as much as possible.
 The Save the Music Program has shown us how important music is within our schools. It has been said that those involved in a music program do better in Math and Science. These students also learn social skills through working together and in closing, the love of music is a gift that lasts a lifetime.
Teacher Reflections:

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