Lesson Plan : Efficient Trumpet Performance

Teacher Name:
 Arturo Rocha
 Grade 9-10

 Trumpet Pedagogy and Performance
 Tone, Airflow, Lip Flexibility, Articulation, Multiple Tonguing, Music
 1. To Review basic fundamentals of trumpet performance (i.e. lip slurs, tonguing with focus on a characteristic sound) 2. Introduce or review multiple tonguing (both double and triple tonguing) 3. Apply basic concepts and tonguing to music 4. Review and refine "trouble spots" in music (Armenian Dances)
 1.Demonstrate knowledge of basic fundamentals needed for efficient performance on trumpet 2. Demonstrate swareness and ability to execute proper multiple tonguing concepts 3.Demonstrate proper execution of fundamentals using band music
 trumpet, handouts given by instructor, band music, metronome, music recordings
 Introduce basic concepts of efficient trumpet performance (Airflow, mouthpiece practice, lip slurs, articulation, multiple articulation, focus on characteristic sound)
 1. Play a recording of high level trumpet playing 2. Explain the importance of listening to high level trumpet playing 3. Explain the importance of having a consistent daily practice routine. 4. Introduce the mechanics of proper double and triple tonguing. (Tu-Ku for Double Tonguing, Tu-Tu-Ku for Triple Tonguing) 4. Explain the importance of using a metronome
 1. Remington warm up exercises (modeled by teacher) 2. basic lip slurs (modeled by teacher) 3. articulation exercises (modeled by teacher)
Checking For Understanding:
 Assign exercises and different parts of music for them to work on to be assessed later.
 Were all the concepts and goals presented? Were the students able to execute the concepts presented? If not, which concepts were achieved? What were the student's responses to direct questions asked to check for understanding?
Teacher Reflections:

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