Lesson Plan : Developing a Successful Show Choir

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Haley
 Grade 11-12

 Show Choir
 I: Learning music. A: Class time will be devoted to learning, memorizing and performing the selected music utilizing proper breathing techniques as instituted in the Alexander techniques as well as applying Waring tone syllables. II: Choreography. A. Learning proper dance techniques and applied choreography for performances. 1. Extra curricular rehearsals. a. Rehearsals will be held T, W, Th. evenings from 6:30-9:30 PM and occasional Saturday rehearsals.
 By the end of the first grading period there should be a marked improvement in the students overall performance level and confidence. Their music will be memorized and they will have the ability to automatically apply the proper vocal techniques and stylings as taught in class during the first eight weeks. They will also have successfully mastered all choreography that accompanies the above mentioned material and shall posses confidence, poise and class as they do so. By the end of the school year the student will have grown to a whole new understanding of their individual talents and will be able to see their growth as a result of continued rehearsals and discipline in learning and performing Secular, Sacred, Pop, Jazz and Musical Theatre pieces in Christmas concerts, Show Choir competitions and other community activities that allow them to "showcase" their talents and serve as "ambassadors" and positive role models in the community. Students are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA to continue in this elective and selective class.
 At the end of the first two weeks of classes students will be tested on the first six pieces of music taught. They will be required to sing in groups of four in SATB format , they will be allowed to use music. They will be evaluated as to how well they know their individual part and how well they blend with and compliment the surrounding voices. At this point they should be able to execute and perform the music with minimal errors and moderate control. At the end of the first four weeks of class the students will again be tested. This time they will be required to sing in groups of four in SATB format they will not be allowed to use music. Students will have to perform only one piece of music taught in class but they will not know which piece of music will be selected, therefore, it will be necessary for them to have all music memorized to perform successfully. At the end of the first grading period students will be required to sing a solo for the entire class. Student should be able to execute solo with solid vocal control, technique, poise and confidence, student will be evaluated appropriately. By the end of the semester students will continue to sing in groups of four and be evaluated on their growth in proper breathing, memorization, confidence, tone syllable and overall performance ability. Student will choose a solo of their choice for 25% of their grade. They will be allowed to select their own song but songs must be selected from three Broadway musicals that we have been studying in class during the first semester. Student will be required to sing solo on a microphone in front of entire class. Semester two will follow in the same format as semester one only learning music that applies to that semester. Students will be observed and monitored on their growth and knowledge of the areas being studied in class which will be Sacred, Jazz, and Pop music. The student will sing two solos, for the end of the year. The song choices will be selected by myself and will be selected from one of the genres that we have studied during the year. The student will be required to do appropriate choreography to the uptempo song and the student will be evaluated on their knowledge of the pieces and their authenticity to the style and genre from which they come. By the end of the school year the student should be able to complete all of the above tasks with an obvious gain in confidence, poise and overall musical growth.
 Students will be learning vocal music from selected octavo music as well as manuscript from arrangers selected to do vocal arrangements. Original artists of the songs will be demonstrated and studied through the use of CDs and Video performances. Choreography will be taught by a choreographer that is skilled in their trade and who has an excellent understanding and working relationship with high school students. Other videos and audio recordings will be studied to learn about all areas being studied in class.
 Students of this class have been hand selected at the end of the prior school year through an audition process and represent the best of the best in the music department. Students will be shown videos of some of the past groups success and told about the performing opportunities that will be available to them this year.
 Students will throughout the class be able to learn from performance that the groups in previous years have done. They will have video and audio recordings available to them to study style, technique and overall performance skills. This will allow the student to compare and contrast their performing abilities to others.
 In addition to the above mentioned in class and extra curricular rehearsals, students will be performing for community organizations throughout the year. These smaller performances in the beginning of the school year are excellent learning experiences and "rehearsals" for the bigger performances such as competitions that come later in the school year.
 Students who are having difficulty may be asked and required to have after school rehearsals with myself where we can sort out the problems and conquer them one on one.
Checking For Understanding:
 There will be a Q&A session at the end of every class giving the students the opportunity to satisfy any concerns or confusions. At that point teacher and students will adopt policies or procedures to obtain a better understanding for a harmonious outcome for all.
Teacher Reflections:

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