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 Grade 7-8

 Key Signatures
 Keynote, sharps, flats, major, minor, cycle of fifths
 To be able to identify the key signature of a certain song To distinguish change in keys while singing To be able to write the key signatures of sharps and flat keys
 The students must be able to appreciate the use of key changes in performing. They should feel easy writing the key signatures on the staff.
 Cycle of fifths chart song Git on Board Staff board
 Learn the song "Git on Board" by rote. Try singing it a few times with changing pitches like high & low range.
 First make them understand that the song sung in different pitches has various keynote. For every keynote do moves on various parts of the staff. IF the note ends in G then it is in the key of G. If it ends in C then it is in the key of C. Present the cycle of 5ths chart starting on C as having no sharp & no flat.
 From the sharp side all they have to do is count 5 starting with C. (Remember that after G they will go back to A).Let them discover on their own the sharp keys with C,G,D,A,E,B,F#, C# (point out that towards the last two letters they should place a sharp sign beside the two letters since they bleong to the sharp key sign.As for the flat keys start again with C then count 4. They will end with C,F,Bb,Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Cb also point out that after F the rest of the letters now have flat signs to give emphasis that they are on the flat side.
 Let the students do some pratice on finding the right letter on the staff then draw the corresponding key signatures. Other way to write it is to count 4 down & 5 up starting with F# to sharp keys except on the A which should be written on the 2nd space instead of higher. For flatter keys starting with Bb count 4 up & 5 down.
Checking For Understanding:
 Now that they come up with the written keys signatures for flat & sharp. They are also to identify the keys correspoinding to the certain key signature. Fro sharps look at the last sharp note then move half step up then they will discover the name of the key. For flatter keys simply look at the 2nd to the last flat & that will indicate the name of the flat key.
 To wrap up the whole thing present some score excerpts that has different key signatures and let them identify the key.
 On a musical staff let them draw the key signatures of sharp and flat keys. Perform some seatwork on naming the key given a key signature.
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