Lesson Plan : The Art of Music

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Riveros
 Grade 4

 Teaching students the art of music and how you can create an instrument.
 Music, plastic plates, beads
 The students will be able to broaden their knowledge about music by creating and instrument.
 The student will be able to write down the steps to making an instrument, report to the class the objects they used and share their finshed projects with the class.
 materials need: 2 plastic plates, some beads, staples, stapler,crayons, makers, color pencils, glue, glitter
 The teacher asks the students about creating an instrument. The teacher than discusses with the class about the work they have done. They will be able to explain the steps they needed to perform in sentence form.
 Music element: they will be able to shake their instrument to a beat and understand the movement of the instrument.
 The students will learn to move their shaker instruments to zip-a-dee-doo-dah song which is a repeated melody and form that it has throughout the song. A muisican will come to the class and help the children with understanding music and helping them with any questions that they may have.
 A musician will come to class to give the student insight with musical background and showing them different instruments and how they work.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will be able to ask the musician any questions and the musician will teach them a melody and have them play it infront of the class. this ables them to present to the class what they have learned.
 The teacher will discuss the process of making the instrument and describe how the instrument is then used with the melody of a song like zip-a-dee-doo-dah. this will teach them the foundation of music and the levels that it takes to create music.
 The students will hand in a written assignment or an oral presentation on their experience. Then the student will receive full credit for this assignment.
Teacher Reflections:

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