Lesson Plan : Christmas Melodies

Teacher Name:
 Miss Banks
 Grade 3

 Christmas activities. Learning Christmas songs and composing a Christmas melody and sing along.
 Christmas, composition, instrumental, compose
 To be able to compose a Christmas melody. Using relevant instruments, and relevant wording.
 To work in small groups together to compose a melody about Christmas using the relevant instruments and wording, ready to perform to the rest of their class.
 Percussion instruments, paper and pencil, voices, body percussion
 Today we are going to be making our own Christmas song. What does a Christmas song need to be about? what instruments could we use? we are going to work in our colour groups to compose the melody and wording for your christmas song.
 for example... on Christmas eve, we all happy, waiting around the Christmas tree. Its snowing outside, and glistening, but were snug and warm inside. etc i would use bells, tambourine and maybe a xylophone. In groups you now need to think of some christmas words. Releven instruments which could also be used.
 in their small groups they then need to work together thinking about how their composition will go. Work alongside each group spending a litle time with each to help.
 Spend more time with the groups which are struggling more, and less time with the more able groups.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment opportunities would be to record the children's own composition.
 Say how fantastic all the children did, and that they did a great job at composing their OWN Christmas song.
 Record the groups performance. Look at what instruments they used... did they use the instruments at certain points in the composition. Did they link the words up to rhyme etc.
Teacher Reflections:

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