Lesson Plan : Music of the 1920s

Teacher Name:
 Nicole Walker
 Grade 5

 1. The teacher should choose several songs to play from the accompanying "1920s Music/Dance Reference Sheet." Both the school's librarian and music teacher may be helpful in locating recordings from the 1920s. Students might learn to sing one or more songs if sheet music is available. 2. Students should then discuss how these songs are similar to each other and determine possible characteristics of 1920s music to be written on the board. These may include references to lyrics, speed and/or simplicity of melody, and should include a discussion on the meaning or message of the lyrics. 3. Students should then create lists of their current favorite songs, and in small groups come up with possible characteristics of today's music. The teacher should then help students to compare and contrast today's music with music from the 1920s using the accompanying "Music Worksheet." 4. Students may learn the Charleston (1925) or the slow foxtrot (1927), two fashionable dances from this time period; instructions for learning the Charleston accompany the article entitled "Charleston!" found in the February 1991 issue of "Cobblestone Magazine". The teacher may wish to ask an outside person such as a parent, a Physical Education instructor, a music teacher, or a professional dance instructor, to help teach the dances to the students.
 The student will be able to: 1. recognize music from the 1920s. 2. compare and contrast music from the 1920s to today's music. 3. learn dances from the 1920s.
 1920's Music/Dance Reference Sheet 1923 "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin "Yes, We Have No Bananas" "Tea for Two" 1925 "Show Me The Way to Go Home" "The Charleston" was the fashionable dance 1926 Jelly Roll Morton music becomes popular Duke Ellington tunes appear on record "Bye Bye Blackbird" 1927 "The Slow Foxtrot" was the fashionable dance "Ol Man River" (from "Showboat") "My Blue Heaven" "Blue Skies" "Let a Smile be Your Umbrella" 1928 "An American in Paris" by George Gershwin , "Bill" "Am I Blue" "You're The Cream in My Coffee" "Makin Whoopee" 1929 "Stardust" "Tiptoe through the Tulips" "Singin in the Rain" 1930 "Georgia on My Mind" "I Got Rhy
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