Lesson Plan : Types of Music

Teacher Name:
 Rebecca Mangan
 Grade 1

 Types of Music
 Holiday March Lullaby Waltz
 1.Students will be able to recognize the different uses of music.
 1. When asked students will be able to identify music played as either holiday music, march music, lullaby music, or waltz music.
 Examples music of Marches,Lullabys,Waltz and Holiday music. Pictures of people using these types of music: A Bride going down the isle (March) March Band Littly child going to sleep (lullaby) Birthday music (holiday music) Christmas tree (holiday) Ballarinas performing (waltz)
 Explaination of how music is used to promot different types of activities, such as parades with marching bands, celebrating different occasions and holidays etc.
 Play the different excerps of the types of music and explain why they were created and how they work with their activites that they promot.
 Have everyone stand in a circle and perform different actions prompted by the music. When lullaby music is played have everyone fall down and pretend to go to sleep. When march music is played have the students pretend to play an instrument and march in place. when Christmas music is played have the children pretend to be unwrapping a big present. When waltz music is played have the students pretend to dance with the person dance with a partner next to them.
 For hearing impaired students, have them do another activity such as coloring in some different pictures of marching bands, holidays, balerinas, and children sleeping. For vison impaired students, have them take the quiz at another time, preferable during a reading time so that the teacher can administer the quiz and have the student respond orally instead of writting down the answers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Glance over the quizzes and make sure that the students have a solid grasp on the different types of music.
 Play the each music piece again and ask the students to yell out what type of music it is.
Teacher Reflections:

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