Lesson Plan : Keeping Beat

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Tackett

 This lesson is to help the students understand how to keep the beat. Beat is the underlying pulse in music, this lesson will help them better understand this concept.
 Have the students keep the beat without music at first and when they are ready introduce music. Have the students try to keep the beat to the music.
 The goal of this lesson is to help the students understand what beat is, how to keep the beat, and also how to keep the beat in a song. This will help in achieving the long term goal of being able to keep the beat to a song without tapping or any other movement. They will learn to keep the beat in their mind.
 Students will identify the pattern that the beat makes in a song. Students will also learn how to "keep the beat with their ducky feet" which is standing with their wrists on their hips with hands pointing out to make ducky wings. Then place heels together and point feet outward like a duck. When keeping the beat the students will "flap" their ducky wings while tapping their ducky feet. Ex. Flap left ducky wing as you tap left ducky foot. Then do the right side the same way. (count 1-2-3-4 in your head to get the beat started.)
 We will use "5 little duckies" as an example of a song that has an easily identified beat.
 Explain to the students what beat is and how to find it in the music. Beat-the underlying pulse in music. Have the students pat their legs with their hands to the beat (start the beat and they can copy what you do).
 Once they understand what the beat is show them something new. Show them ducky feet and they can practice at their desks keeping the beat to their ducky feet. Then as you watch them doing their ducky feet pay close attention to the ones who are keeping the beat correctly.
 Practice the ducky feet for a few minutes so all students can have a chance to understand how to keep the beat. Introduce "5 little ducks" and chose 5 students to be the little ducks. Each time mother duck loses a duck one student steps off to the side. After they all are lost and then mother duck finds them all the duckies come back.
 If any student can not stand of do the ducky feet they can nod their head or tap something to help them understand how to keep the beat.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of class have a student come to the front and start ducky feet so the whole class can try it one more time.
 Tell the students now that they have learned about duckies they should draw a nice picture of their family of "ducks".
 Determine which students still need another lesson on understanding keeping the beat. Come up with another idea for the next lesson to help them understand a little better.
Teacher Reflections:

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