Lesson Plan : Recorder Karate

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Steward
 Grade 3

 Recorder Karate
 Vocabulary: Time signature, G clef, GAB staff notation
 Each formal cooperative learning group will be able to play a song from Recorder Karate using GAB. Within the group there will be assigned tasks and these will be assessed according to the Team Work Rubric. Groups and individuals will be competing for a White Belt in Recorder Karate.
 Groups should be able to play their chosen song with a minimum of mistakes according to the Performance Rubric below.
 Recorders, music folders with songs, rubrics for performance and team work
 Review: how to hold recorders, breathing rhythms of quarter notes and rests, half notes and rests, notation of GAB on treble clef.
 Demonstrate correct breathing techniques while playing note values. Explain correct fingering. Students echo play what teacher plays.
 Introduce songs using GAB (Hot Cross Buns, Gently Sheep). Give examples of mistakes to listen for: wrong notes, hand position, fingering, bad tone, squeaks, lack of tonguing, articulation. Practice songs as class activity.
 Within each group there is job #1--Starter: starts by saying 1-2, ready go. Job #2--Stopper: stops group if he hears a mistake. Job #3--Fixer: corrects the mistake. Job #4--Checker: makes sure mistake was fixed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher circulates and team work is assessed with Team Work Rubric. This helps teacher determine the levels of competency.
 Groups that practiced Hot Cross Buns play together as ensemble, same with Gently Sheep. After this, individual groups assessed and given points toward karate belts.
 Assessment of each group playing based on the following rubric: 5--Plays with very few mistakes in pitches and rhythm 4--Plays with a few mistakes in pitches and rhythm 3--Plays with several mistakes in pitches and rhythm 2--plays with many mistakes in pitch and rhythm, or in fingering 1--Plays with many mistakes, poor tone, stops and starts, unsure of fingerings
Teacher Reflections:
 New groups are formed as more students pass their initial White Belt songs. Some students may benefit from informal learning with a partner.

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