Lesson Plan : Producing your first note

Teacher Name:
 Jill Young
 Grade 6

 Students will learn how to shape their embouchure and blow into their instrument to produce a characteristic tone on the clarinet.
 Key words: Embouchure- a way of shaping one's mouth to produce pitches on a wind instrument. Breath control- taking air into the lungs in an efficient manner that allows the player to hold a pitch for as long as possible.
 1. Students will produce a characteristic clarinet tone in the mouthpiece and barrel, as well as through the whole instrument. 2. Students will understand the concept of breath control and will take deep breathes before blowing into their instrument. 3. Students will be able to sustain a pitch for four counts.
 clarinets, method books, pictures of people playing the clarinet with the proper embouchure, and worksheet on breath control
 Clarinet music will be playing as students walk into the room. I will instruct students to practice putting their instruments together in the manner that they learned the day before and check with a partner to make sure they have completed the task correctly. I will also go around the check their assembly and make corrections. I will remind them to begin soaking their reeds.
 1.After students have their instruments assembled, I will instruct them to take the mouthpiece and barrel off of the instrument as I model this procedure. 2.Next, I will explain to the class what that there are to parts to creating a good sound on their instruments, embouchure and breath control. I will explain what each of the terms mean. 3. I will model what it should look and feel like to take a good, deep breath. Then I will have students practice this. 4. Next, I will show them how to form a good embouchure. -Put their bottom lip over teeth. -Lay the reed side of the mouthpiece against their bottom lip. -Put the top teeth on the mouthpiece. -Pull in the corners of the lips around the mouthpiece so that air cannot escape out the sides. -Point the open end of the mouthpiece at the floor. -Make the chin flat and point it at the floor. 5.I will then demonstrate producing a tone by blowing through the mouthpiece and barrel and then throw the whole assembled instrument.
 1. Students will practice forming embouchure as I go through each step. 2. Students will practice taking deep breathes as I explain the process. 3. Students will practice producing tone in a large group.
 I will go around and help students who are having difficulty during independent practice. I will assign those who are successful to work with a person who is having difficulty.
Checking For Understanding:
 I go around the room and have each student produce a sound on their mouthpiece and barrel and then the whole instrument. I will correct improper breathing and embouchure.
 We will play a short game to work on breath control. Every stands up, takes a deep breath and plays a pitch. When each student runs out of air and can no longer produce a tone they sit down. Whoever can hold the note the longest wins the game and gets a prize. Then I will ask the student that won what allowed them to hold the note so long. We will discuss these factors and I will tell the students to practice producing pitches, proper embouchure, and breath control. I will tell them we will play the game again and see if someone else can hold their pitch longer.
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