Lesson Plan : Putting together instruments

Teacher Name:
 Jill Young
 Grade 6

 Instrument care
 Class students playing mixed woodwind instruments will learn to put together, take apart, and clean their instruments.
 1.Students will properly put together instruments. 2.Students will properly take instruments apart. 3. Students will know how to clean and care for instruments. 4. Students will know how to avoid causing damage to their instrument.
 Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, reeds, water containers book for each student with instructions, extra cleaning clothes, cork grease.
 Tell students they are handling very expensive, important pieces of equipment and that it is necessary for them to handle them with extreme care in order for them to be in proper working condition and avoid costly repairs. Explain that if they follow instuctions and do the things I teach them that accidents can be avoided. Lastly tell them not to get ahead of me or do anything before they have been give instructions on how to do it properly.
 1.Explain how to open cases with the brand name facing up and the latches facing toward you. Tell students what might happen if they do not follow this procedure. 2. Explain to reed players the importance of having and water container and pass out containers. Explain that reeds need to be placed in water for 2-3 minutes before playing. Have students soak reeds. 3. Explain cork grease and its importantance. Allow clarinets, oboes, and bassoons to grease joints while I teach flute players to put instruments together. 4. Show oboe players how to put instruments together. 5. Show clarinets how to put instruments together. 6. Show bassoons how to put instruments together. 7. Show reed players how to properly put the reeds on the instrument. 8. Show students how to take instruments apart and how to clean their instruments.
 Students will follow step-by-step as I demonstrate assembly, disassembly, and cleaning of instruments.
 Demonstrate again for students who do not understand. Allow those who already understand to help others.
Checking For Understanding:
 Check each students' assembly, disassembly, and cleaning.
 Remind students if they take proper care of their instrument that it will avoid repairs. Tell them to practice putting together, taking apart, and cleaning instruments at home. Tell them that tommorrow we will work on making our first sound and holding the instrument.
Teacher Reflections:

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