Lesson Plan : World Music Drumming

Teacher Name:
 Jana Root
 Grade 7-8

 Introduction to World Music Drumming in the general music classroom with the use of vocabulary,history of drumming, and care for the instruments.
 First week (3 days) expectations,vocabulary, care for the instruments. Rhythm echo patterns adding call and response. Discipline-Respect-Uniformity-Music Echo, Call and Response
 1. Discuss expectations for classroom management of instruments and equipment. 2. Discuss the vocabulary and its meaning in this classroom setting. 3. Create a poster with the terms highlighted. 4. Care and treatment of the instruments 5. Begin echo and call and repsonse patterns with the students.
 1. The students will understand the expectations for the classroom and will understand how to treat the instruments. 2. The students will help with the definitions to the vocabulary and create their own defintions within the classroom setting. 3. The students will get into groups of three and create a poster using the terms and have ready for display at the next class. 4. The teacher will lead rhythmic echo and call and repsonse patterns that will be echoed by the students.
 Overhead projector, poster board, markers, rulers scissors, construction paper, glue, tape, etc.... Sticks
 Classroom and instrument expectations. Create classroom posters defining the terms studied. Listen and echo rhythmn patterns adding call and response patterns
 The teacher will show the students how to handle the drums, and other instruments that are to be used in class. The teacher will discuss the vocabulary with the students and together develop working definitions. The teacher will lead rhythmic patterns that will be echoed by the students. These patterns will then lead into a call and resonse session.
 The teacher will ask a few students to model the technique of moving the drums and the care and handling of the smallerinstruments. The teacher and students will practice echo patterns and call and repsonse.
 Instead of using sticks for the rhythm patterns the students will clap or tap their legs.
Checking For Understanding:
 Creativity of the poster for the classroom that is to be displayed in the classroom. End of week a quick check on the terms and definition with a quiz.
 The first week the students will have an understanding of African drumming, the respect for the equipment, expectation for this classroom and develop better listening skills.
Teacher Reflections:

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