Lesson Plan : Discovering Pi

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Weldon
 Grade 6

 Geometry: Discovering pi and how it was established.
 Students are often just told what pi is, cut many are never able to find why pi is pi. This activity allows students to discover pi and its relationship to the circle and how it can be used to find the circumference.
 1. Students will know how pi came to 3.14. 2. Students will find the relationship between circumference and pi.
 1. Students will measure the circumference and the diameter of the same object with a measuring tape to the nearest millimeter. 2. Students will explain through a one-sentence summary how the number 3.14 was determined. 3. Students will demonstrate dividing the circumference of a shape by its diameter results in pi or 3.14. 4. Students will find the formula for circumference using pi and demonstrate it.
 round objects, measuring tapes, calculators
 Students will see the symbol pi on the board and will brainstorm a K-W-L chart which has been distributed to them. Students will also see the goal posted for the class period so they know where our learning will be focused. We will work independently for two minutes and then share ideas with the class. This will allow for each student to become actively involved.
 Students will find on the back of their K-W-L, a chart for their math lab today. I will demonstrate for students the procedure during their math lab. I will use a measuring tape to illustrate how to measure both the circumference and the diameter to the nearest millimeter. Students will observe how the information is placed in the chart on their math lab. In the last column of their chart is the section where they will divide the circumfernce by the diameter and round that answer to the nearest hundredths. Students will be given the opportunity to ask questions.
 Students will work in pairs visiting four different stations. Students will be given approximately two minutes at each stations and then will proceed to a total of four stations in a carousel structure. Each group will have a calculator to use for the division of the circumference by the diameter. Each independent student will need to fill in their own chart to illustrate their learning. After students have visited the four stations, I will put two groups together to compare their results. Students will be given three minutes to compare and then we will meet back together. Whole grope we will discuss their results and post them on the board. Students will make connections between pi and circumference. We will create a formula together for finding the circumference of a circle. I will show an example for students before giving them their assignment.
 As groups are working, I will rotate around helping those who need assistance. In a routine setting, I would know which students needed accomodations and I would have prepared an alternate assessment with less problems.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will return to their K-W-L and fill in the last column. Whole class we will share some of the pieces that we learned today.
 Students will complete a one-sentence summary of what they learned today at the bottom of their K-W-L. After completing their summary if there are no questions, students will be given the opportunity to begin working on their assignment.
 Students will attain at least a 70% on their homework assignment tomorrow. Students will turn in their math lab and K-W-L which will illustrate their learning and participation.
Teacher Reflections:

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