Lesson Plan : Graphing Relationships

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 Mrs. Leisinger
 Grade 6

 Recording Data on a Coordinate Graph
 A graph is a drawing designed to illustrate a relationship between two or more sets of values of variables. Coordinate graphs use ordered pairs of numbers to designate a single point on a grid that represents two variables at one. EXAMPLE: the two variables for a shoe graph would be shoe size and the number of people who wear each size. (4,7) would mean four people wear size seven.
 The activities in this chapter teach students the basic techniques of assembling coordinate graphs. Need to edit.
 These graphs are best used to show functional relationships, in which a first number is related to a second one so that for every value of the first number there is a unique corresponding value to the second. Need to edit.
 Paper, pencil, formulated chart to record data
 What Goes into running a bike tour business. Read story of all the planning that goes into running a Bicycle Touring Business. That you will doing a simulation of one day of the tour.
 One feature of the business is to average the number of hours of biking for one day for a typical college student. Simulate an endurance activity. Have tree student demonstrate how to record the activity.
 Record data accurately. Produce a written description their role in today's lesson. Each student should have a product at the end of the lesson: a table of data recording the number of jumping jacks totals for persons in their group.
 Groups of 3 students. May have to move furniture.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have each student in the group check their data table.
 Talk about predicting what other groups data will look like . What might be the range? What do we expect will happen when people do strenueous exercise over time.
 Use Sarah's Exit Pass.
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