Lesson Plan : Rates

Teacher Name:
 C. Wicker
 Grade 6

 ratio-a comparison of two quantities using division equivalent ratios- are ratios that name the same comparison rate-compares two quantities that have different units of measure unit ratio when the comparison is to one unit
 Students will fine unit rates. Objective 5.04 Students will review ratios and equivalent ratios and then find unit rate using ratios.
 Students will work in groups to find a unit rate. They will then present their findings to the class. Afterwards they will work word problems with rate as they enjoy their cookies.
 computer, projector, overhead, transparencies, pens, cookies, worksheets
 Using a PowerPoint students are focused into math with a quick check of simplifying fractions. Then PowerPoint reviews ratios, equivalent ratios with examples. Students take notes and work example in their math notebook. Then rate unit is introduced in the PowerPoint. Students again take notes and work examples. There is a quick check at the end of the PowerPoint that the student do. When they complete that the groups discuss the problems and how they solved them.
 Teacher works a couple more problems on the overhead. Teacher explains the next activity. The students are going to find unit rates of cookies. The students will receive a box of cookies. The price is marked on the box. The students are to figure out how much one cookie cost. The students will present on the overhead their answer and how they found the cost of the one cookie.
 The students are divided into groups by drawing a number out of a cup. There are four students in each group. The students are given paper plates, a transparency, pen and a box of cookies with the price written on it. They find the unit rate for just one cookie. They write it on the overhead and present to the class. After discussion of how they found rate the students return to their seats with their share of cookies to eat.
 ESL students were introduced to this during earlier session with tutor.
Checking For Understanding:
 Check worksheets
 Review activities by having the students tell what we did today.
 I will give a quick quiz the following day.
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson went very well. I would give them 3 more problems to take home to prep them for the next day's "Due Now!"

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