Lesson Plan : Recorder Lesson 3

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Claudia Jones
 Grade 3

 Continuing Recorder Book 1.
 Continuation of playing B, A, and G. Concept of time signatures. Rhythm note values: quarter, half, eighth, whole, rest. Review: repeat signs, bar line, double bar, staff.
 Students will become more adept at playing B, A, G. Students will be introduced to concept of time signatures. Students will review and practice rhythm note values. Students will learn how to practice at home.
 Recorder book, recorder, pencil, music stand for each student.
 Review fingering for pitches B, A, G. Have students play individually. Reward with stickers for each note played correctly. Students will "collect" stickers on front of recorder books for their success. Encourage those who were not successful. Introduce concept of time signatures.
 Model a good tone (sound) on recorder. Show how to tongue (stop flow of air) when changing pitches or repeating the same pitch.
 Practice tonguing technique while playing B, A, G with different note values (rhythm). Review playing "Hot Cross Buns" - p. 6. Cover up notation not on the staff and play only notation on the staff. Practice new song "French Folk Song" (same page). Review and circle repeat signs. Practice together again. Play along on piano to keep students moving along at same pace. Introduce new songs: p. 7 "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Lullaby". Talk about bar line and double bar line at end. Explain breath marks. What is time signature? Clap and say rhythm syllables. Clap and say note names. Finger and say the notes names in rhythm . Play song on recorder while teacher plays on the piano.
 Give special attention to MH students and give a reward to sticker for playing one of the pitches. Assist students experiences much trouble while listening to pitches individually.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students if they have any questions.
 Assign homework - practice p. 6-7 (up to where we stopped).
 Teacher observation. Evaluation of individual playing of B, A, G.
Teacher Reflections:

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