Lesson Plan : Exploring Parabolas

Teacher Name:
 Pam Olson
 Grade 11-12

 Graphing Quadratics
 Definitions Quadratics- The graph is a parabola Vertex of a parabola shifts of the parabola
 When students finish this lesson they will know what the values a,h, and k do in the formula y = a(x-h)+k. They will be able to sketch by hand a quadratic and explain why the graph looks the way it does.
 1. Learn the formula for graphing a quadratic 2. Learn what the variables in the formula do to the graph. 3. Be able to explain the shifts of the graph. 4. Be able to graph a quadratic by hand.
 Students will need a computer, graph paper, and pencil.
 Have students graph the line y = 3x-2 talk about what the values -2 and 3 do to the graph. Negative two is the y intercept where the graph starts and 3 is the slope of the line rise/run.
 Change the equation to y =3x^2-2 and ask the class if they feel the graph will change. Have them build an x/y table and plot the points from it to see the graph of the new equation. They can choose any values for x and they plug them into the equation and see what happens to y. Example if x = 0 then y = 3(0)^2-2 which is -2.
 Next we will go to the webpage http://www.explorelearning.com/index.cfm?method=cResource.dspResourcesForCourse&CourseID=245 where we will use the gizmo for intercept form and see first hand what happens when you change the a, h and k values of the graph. Students will take the worksheet and try the equations listed and sketch the graph on their worksheet.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will have the students do several problems on their own. WHile they are working I will check for understanding and then ask a member of their group to explain the problem to the group. If we do this 4 times everyone in the class will have had a chance to explain a problem and get help if they are not understanding.
 On a piece of paper write an explaination of what the values a, h and K do to graph of a quadratic. Write any questions you have about graphing a quadratic and turn this in as your exit card from class.
Teacher Reflections:

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