Lesson Plan : Apple Graph

Teacher Name:
 Miss Arnwine

 Graphing Apple-Tasting Results
 Math Language Arts
 To graph the results of apple-tasting after we have read a counting story about apples.
 Students will listen to a counting story about apples while making predictions associated with subtraction. Then, they will taste apples and create a class graph on favorite tasting apples. Lastly, the students will interpret the graph by answering a series of questions.
 Apples, paper apples, crayons, chart/graphing paper, Apple Book
 I will introduce the book to the students. We will read the book together and interpret the book. Throughout the story, students will be making predictions about what number is coming next. Then, I will inform the children that we will be taste-testing apples, green,yellow, and red, to see which is the class favorite.
 I will give the students the following instructions and order: I will hand out enough apples for each student at each table to taste each or the apples. Then, students will color their paper apple in their favorite flavor. Finally, students will work on one of the "A" sheets as they wait for all classmates to be finished.
 Students will go through the above steps. Once all students have finished, they will be instructed to return to the carpet. As a class, we we create our graph. As the graph is being built, we will make predictions according to the graph so far. For example, "Which looks like it is going to be the favorite?"
 All students will have enough time to finish the taste-testing. By having students who complete early do one of the worksheets, all students will have plenty of time. Also, some children have difficulty with interpreting a graph and subtraction. By doing these activities together, those having difficulty will be able to learn from the modeling of both the teacher and their peers.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will be observing students and listening to their different predictions and interpretations throughout the lesson.
 I will ask the students what they have learned today. I will also inform them that we will be continuing with the letter "A" for the rest of the week.
Teacher Reflections:

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