Lesson Plan : The Place Value of Decimals

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 5th Grade Teachers
 Grade 5

 Tenths and Hundredths (2.1) Thousandths and Ten-Thousandths (2.2) Equivalent Decimals (2.3) Compare and Order Decimals (2.4)
 tenth hundredth thousandth ten-thousandth equivalent decimals
 Read, write and identify decimals through ten-thousandths;compare and order decimals through thousandths.
 To read and write decimals numbers in tenths and hundredths. To explore decimals numbers to the ten-thousandths place. To identify and write equivalent decimals. To compare and order decimal numbers.
 Textbook, notebooks, pencil, Accelerated Math
 Check What You Know (Chapter Introduction) Tell students that you compare the value of digits in decimal numbers just like whole numbers. Explain the chemists and other scientists use decimal numbers on their jobs. Have students identify other jobs that use decimals on their jobs.
 Model lesson for students.
 Students and teacher complete certain problems together. Identify students who are having difficulty and choose appropriate lesson resourves to provide assistance.
 Students may confuse the place values tens and tenths. Have students write a 2 digit whole number and its vlaue. They can then write a decimal number in the tenths place. Ask students to underline the s and ths. Some students are confused by the zero in a decimal number. Have students place the decimal number 2.05, 2.50, and 2.5 in a place-value chart to clarify the value of the digits. Students sometimes think that the decimal with more digits is the greater number. Have them compare each place-vlaue postion of each digit and write the value in a place-value chart.
Checking For Understanding:
 Lesson Quiz Acc. Math Practice/Test Homework check and review End of Chapter Test
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