Lesson Plan : Multiplying Variables with Exponents

Teacher Name:
 Proffessor Plum
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Multiplying variables with exponents
 Students will learn that when variables are the same and being multiplied, the exponents should be added. ie x^2*x^5=x^7. when variable and exponents are enclosed in parenthesis, the exponents must be multiplied. ie (x^5)^6=x^30.
 Students will understand this
 I must be fun and down to earth and matter of fact so the students will feel that I understand them.
 I will use the whiteboard and markers. when practice problems are answered correctly i will give them candy
 Hey class, my name is Richard, and if i don't show you guys how to multiply variables with exponents, I'm gonna fail my class. j/k, but that's what we're doing today. can anybody tell me anything they know about that or how to solve them? no? coo!! This will be no problem-o
 Start with x^2*x^5 and give steps to solving 1. make sure the base is the same (make sure they know what base is) 2.forget about the 'x' for "like one lil minute-he'll survive" and look at the exponents (make sure they know what those are. 3. add the exponents 4. don't forget the 'x'-"he's insecure and doesn't want to be a loser, so 5. re-unite him with his exponent buddy. ***give practice problems 1-5, then give these instructions*** 1.if parenthesis raised to exponents, then multiply.
 1. x^2* x^8=x^10 2. y^3* y^4=y^7 3.x*x=x^2 4.x^2*y^7= x^2y^7 ********* 5. (x^2)3=x^6 6(y^7)5=y^35
 Any Questions? Spend extra time with students who need it.
Checking For Understanding:
 Do u get it?!?!?! Random oral quiz. A Do now assignment in the morning.
 I will start the next day with a small DO NOW activity.
Teacher Reflections:

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