Lesson Plan : Shapes Around Us

Teacher Name:
 Tim Titsworth
 Grade 2

 Investigation in Number, Data, and Space--TERC
 Identify shapes in the environment Describe 2D shapes Identify categpries for 2D shapes Sort 2D shapes in different ways
 Students will look for shapes around the room. Students will describe and sort shapes from a set of shape cards. Students will make a poster to show one way of sorting.
 Set of images: Dot Patterns Overhead Projector Set of Shape Cards (1 set per 2-3 students) Student Sheet 1 Scissors Large Paper Paste or Glue Sticks Family Letter Math Folder (1 per student) Student Sheet 2 (1 per student, homework)
 Begin exercise with today's number activity. Do Quick Images Routine: teacher shows students images of dots on cards for 3 seconds and ask students to identity the number of dots there are.
 Teacher tells students that they are going to look at shapes...some of the shapes could be in the room. Teacher finds a shape such as a window--Students look at window. Teacher describes window...asks students if the see the parts she swws--students resond and share obervastions.
 Sorting Shape Cards Teacher allows students to pick one shape card--students pick cards. Teacher asks students to look at shape and describe it--students observe and describe. Once all cards have been distributed, teacher allows students to begin sharing one thing about their shape--students share.
 Linguistically Diverse Class--Teacher encourages students to point ot each attribute as they describe their shape. ELL Students may also draw pictures as part of the end of session journaling to display their understanding.
Checking For Understanding:
 OBSERVATION: Formative assessment--teacher walks around and observes students sortins. Probing Questions: Whcih shapes seem to go together? If you are sorting this way, where does this shape go? What do you call this group of shapes? Why did you place this shpae in this group instead of that one?
 Students are to write on Student Sheet which is a log of the activities, to be kept in the Math Folders. Extension: students are to look at home for 5 examples of different shapes.
Teacher Reflections:

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