Lesson Plan : Trigonometric Functions

Teacher Name:
 Deborah Kerkenbush
 Grade 9-10

 Trigonometric Functions of Right Triangles
 Sine - Opposite/Hypotenuse Cosine - Adjacent/Hypotenuse Tangent - Opposite/Adjacent Right Triangle Opposite Side Adjacent Side Hypotenuse
 My students will know how to find the sine, cosine, and tangent of right triangles using the sides of the triangle. They will also know how to use their calculators.
 My students will be able to find the sin, cos, and tan of the acute angles of a right triangle with 85% accuracy. They will know which side is opposite and which side is adjacent. They will know how to find sine, cosine, and tangent using their calculators with an 85% accuracy.
 Calculators, Smart Board, Projector, Computer, Geometry Books.
 Have you ever wondered how high a building or tree was? You can figure the height of the building or tree by using the trigonometric functions.
 I will use the Smart Board to explain what the Trigonometric Functions are. They will know that sin A = opposite/hypotenuse, cos A = adjacent/hypotenuse, tan A = opposite/adjacent. I will also explain how to find these functions with their calculators.
 I will have practice problems on the Smart Board to do together with the class. I will also use several examples on how to find the height of a hill, tree, building or tower using one of the functions.
 Some students need the notes printed for them, and some students need one-on-one instruction. I usually have printed copies ready and I walk around the classroom instructing them individually. Sometimes, that means repeating how to do a problem 7 or 8 times.
Checking For Understanding:
 I assign homework for my students. I usually grade for accuracy. This is to find out if they actually understand the concept or if they were just copying their friend's work. I usually answer questions on homework before I collect it.
 For closure, I usually just go over the concepts that we learned that day and how they can be used outside the classroom.
 I always collect their homework and check it for understanding. At the end of the chapter, we always have a test summarizing everything we have learned in that chapter. Before class starts, we always have a warm-up with about 5 problems from previous lessons learned throughout the semester.
Teacher Reflections:
 I always reflect at the end of the class. I want to know what worked and what did not. If something did not work, I take it out of the future lessons or change it to make it work the next time.

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