Lesson Plan : Add and Subtract with Fribbit

Teacher Name:
 Ms Lund
 Grade 2

 Simple addition, mental and written
 Using an Internet based resource to cement mental addition skills using mostly lower order numbers.
 To "Solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies" (ACARA, n.d.)
 Students should be able to complete a set of written mathematical equations after time spent enhancing mental arithmetic using a web-based game.
 Worksheet: Froggy Friends Addition Fribbit game addition http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-feed-fribbit-addition/index.html
 Show students large cutout of a frog filled with Velcroed on number problems, some without answers and some with incorrect answers. Perhaps best if held on the mat.
 Expand on idea of mental maths ie. being able to work out a problem quickly in one's own mind rather than working it out on paper or using physical assistance (eg Cuisinaire rods, fingers). Ask class if they can answer or correct the problems on the frog. Have some of the children come up individually to stick on the class answers.
 Using the Fribbit program. Allow children set time (7-10 mins would be ample) to play on the Fribbit page. Close supervision of some students may be required to ensure they stay on that particular game.
 For those children already adept at mental addition, encourage them to try the more difficult Pro level. For children struggling with the mental maths, ensure they stay on the Easy level, and perhaps allow them to have a list of sums next to their workstation. For children with physical and mild cognitive impairments, a touchscreen may be more appropriate than mouse manipulation, while this game may not be suitable for children with severe cognitive or visual impairments.
Checking For Understanding:
 After completion of the worksheets, have children return to the mat, ask the children a few mental maths questions, checking to see who is and is not willing to attempt an answer. Ask a few more basic problems of those who are unwilling to answer to ascertain understanding of concept. If necessary, reinforce content with those children before moving on to subtraction. Bring out frog cutout and ask class if their earlier answers were correct. Allow them to correct them if incorrect.
 Have children remove sums from frog into storage bag. Ask children what they thought of the game. Lead into idea of using Fribbit for subtraction at a later date.
 Success of students attempt at worksheet. Students remaining on task throughout lesson.
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