Lesson Plan : Measuring Using Centimeters and Inches

Teacher Name:
 Timizay Ruiz
 Grade 1

 Units of measure
 Math/ Measurement. Key vocabulary: Measure, length, size, centimeters, inches.
 To measure with accuracy using different units of measurement. (centimeters and inches)
 To demonstrate understanding and ability when measuring given items by using centimeters and inches with accuracy and comprehension.
 Measurement material (rulers, tape measure), elmo, smart board, items to be measure, graphic organizers.
 Students will be encourage to guess the sizes of different elements, then they be ask about their previous knowledge they have of measurement and to vague.. wonder, speculate about what can be an inch and what can be a cemeniter. answer will be posted for everyone to see and then verify after the lesson is developed.
 The teacher will model to the students the way to use a ruler by the side of centimeters and then and she will measure a piece of paper using the elmo projector to ensure all students can see the modeling. Emphasis will be made about the lines (longer and smaller lines in a ruler) and the position of number 0; the point where they should start measuring.
 After doing this exerciser, teacher will ask to the students to repeat by their own, the teacher will monitor and offer assistance to students who required it, then teacher will ask to the students to try an measure using inches following the same procedure they followed when using centimeters.
 While students who hadn't shown difficulty develop their activity; students who evidenced difficulty will be given extra support, the teacher might use bigger instruments(ruler and objects to measure) as well as different colors to differentiate inches from centimeters.
Checking For Understanding:
 " Students will be given the required material to measure, then, they will follow the teacher" directions to create different shapes with the measures that the teacher is telling. They will compare and show the results of this activity with their classmates in the tables.
 Students will be told they know know how to measure accurately using two different units of measure, they will be encourage to measure their own growth at home in the unit of measure they feel more comfortable with and share this activity with their families. .
 Students will be gather in the carpet and they will be ask to point out the plus and deltas of the lesson. dismissing the day they will write a post-it as an exit writing what they know about centimeters and inches.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher will reflect about how to improve the lesson after realizing the plus and details given by the students and the teacher herself.

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