Lesson Plan : Finding The Perimeter

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Soellner
 Grade 4

 perimeter length width formula for perimeter
 use a formula to find perimeters of various shapes
 TLWD application of Geometry by using a formula to find perimeter
 pencil paper string ruler whiteboards markers
 *T will have a piece of string and a box of crayons visible to students (elmo, podium, etc). *T will ask students "How do you think I could use this piece of string to find the perimeter of this crayon box?" "What do you think perimeter is, judging by looking at my materials and my quesitons?" *guide student responses to come up with wanted response, then show students the string going around the outside of the crayon box. *T will measure the string and give students the perimeter of the crayon box. *Introduce the goal and objective for day (5 min)
 *review vocabulary words and put them in math journals *Direct instruction of perimeter using square/rectangle examples drawn on whiteboard using teacher think strategy (T thinks out loud the process students need to think in their head when solving problem) (15 min)
 *T provides each student with string and allows students to find perimeters of various items in room using the modeled strategy in introduction (10 min) *T provides problems one by one and T/S complete problems together on whiteboards/markers or pencil/paper (10 min)
 *S who have trouble transferring and copying will have the sheet of independent practice that has been enlarged with them so they can trace borders and use string to map out the perimeters before solving
Checking For Understanding:
 *T monitors and assesses with clipboard while students are completing independent practice - check for acquiring skill and an x for needs more instruction or help
 *T will use closure spinner - asks students various activities like draw or talk about what you've learned, write down the most important thing you learned, etc.
 *HW rubric from Teach-nology applied with given practice problems from math book
Teacher Reflections:

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